What's the right things to do?

What's the right things to do for people in Japan?
In this situation, it's hard for us to run the economic activities like we had before the quake. When we consider the victims, we unconsciously feel like we should restrain the consumption. However, we know that it's not necessarily right because it doesn't stimulate the economy itself.
In addition, some argues that we can feel we are recovering from this disorder by getting back the life we had or even by pretending we have the normal life.

I am in Kanazawa which is located about 600km away from the epicenter.
Fortunately, the quake we felt was really small and we didn't get any trouble here.
When the first quake hit the northern part, I was working in a lab. I sensed a small shock and checked Twitter, and I could realize that a huge quake hit northern part of Japan by watching the news on Ustream.

It is sad but it is also true that there is a big difference in their lives between the areas which got damaged by the earthquake or at least experienced the quake and the areas which didn't directly experience.
No stores are closed, people enjoy the conversation with their friends outside, and there are commuters in the morning like nothing happened here in Kanazawa.
It is great that we spend the days as usual and thank the peaceful society we have.

However, I feel a little strange to be in such a world. This is because I unconsciously control myself by feeling sorry for those who are suffered.

I think this feeling applies to some of you.
If you have close friends living in Japan or a relation to Japan, you can think this situation more seriously.

Actually, this is why I keep posting entries on this blog.
I hope the effort I've worked on will bring a good result, which is to let people to know more about this terrible disaster through yourself.


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  1. We are thinking of you. Sensei was relieved to know you and Yoshi are both OK.

    I have sent some money to the Red Cross to help with their efforts in Japan. We know the Japanese people are very strong and they will handle everything with strength and dignity.

  2. Yes, Japan will rise again.
    Thank you Melissa for your action and thoughtfulness...