hoping those who are alive now will be helped

All TV programs have been about this tragedy since the first earthquake.
We still don't grasp the whole state of the northern part because the press cannot enter the most damaged areas.
Transportations were totally damaged and still not recovered.

Almost 3 days have passed already, but there are still people who are closed in broken buildings and under the debris with no help.
Now I am especially worried about those people who are alive but haven't got help yet. This is because the survival rate drops down rapidly after 72 hours of being in such conditions.
It's hard to imagine that those people spend in such a harsh environment.

What can we do to help those people?
I feel very helpless every time when I see the news which tells the number of dead people.
Only what we can do now is to let people know this situation and raise the attention from people in other countries.

I hope that people who are alive but haven't been helped are rescued soon.

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