very thankful for your concern

Personally, I was really glad that many of my friends care about me and sent lots of heartwarming messages.
Soon after the earthquake, I got email, international calls, and lots of comments on facebook.
Although I couldn't contact my mom the first 4 hours after the huge quake.

I talked with my friend in California on Skype just a couple of hours ago, and he prayed for me and also for Japan.
I was very moved by that he is not a resident of Japan, but he gives a sincere sympathy for us.
I am really happy to have such a nice friend.

Actually, I never thought such a big disaster hit Japan.
It doesn't seem the world we see now is the real, and it's something like a scene in a movie.
Over 10m Tsunamis swallowed the lives of thousands of people. Villages are under the water and destroyed by fire. A gas tank exploded. Electricity is cut off even in Tokyo area and results in the confusion. People are still feared of frequent aftershocks and next big tsunamis. There are so many people who lost their family, lovers, and properties.

This is not the country I've lived.
I watch the news all the time, but it hurts me every minute, especially when the officials tell us the information of dead people.

I now want to be a part of the power to help people and this country from bottom of my heart.
In the talks with my friend in California, I promised two things.
The first is that we will overcome this bad situation and Japan will rise up again.
The second is that I will take him to northern Japan and travel together after we recover from this.

I could recognize the power of people in this tragedy in Japan.
All concerns from my friends were very helpful for me as I already mentioned.
Also, I heard lots of strong messages from other countries.
UN announced a declaration which promises to do the greatest possible effort with saying that Japan has contributed the world for a long time and this is the time the world has to return Japan's contribution.

I'm glad if you keep your attention in Japan.

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