Present state of nuclear plants in Fukushima

Now, what we are worried about the most is the state of nuclear plants.

There are 2 plants and total 10 facilities in Fukushima, and 3 of 10 facilities have lost controls in water system because electricity was cut off after the huge quakes.
Experts explained that the nuclear rods are over 1000 degree Celsius and need to keep cooled down by water.
So, now what the engineers do at plants is pouring seawater to the nuclear rods.
However, the pace of pouring water doesn't catch up with the speed of evaporation. As a result, the heated vapor generates hydrogen. When the density of hydrogen rises up, it easily exploses without fire.

Parts of two facilities were exploded because of the increased hydrogen.
However, the officials say it doesn't have a serious damage to the facilities themselves.

Although I briefly explained the current state of nuclear plants, you can get more information at Nikkei which is the English version of the most reliable press in Japan.

Actually, my dad worked for the power company (TEPCO) and retired last year. I called him to get more information on this, but he wasn't even sure what is going on with the nuclear plants.

I watch the news very carefully, and read tweets by an expert in nuclear power at University of Tokyo.
I'll try to grasp what's really going on.

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