Another Big Quake in Shizuoka

Another big quake hit Japan again only an hour ago.
I made a map focused on the quakes on Google Maps, and you can check it out below.

<Large Image with an explanation can be seen at Earthquake Map>

One of the unique features of this disaster is the earthquake is not generated only in one place.
The main quake area is very broad and which is 400km (250 mile) wide in Tohoku.
People have experienced the shocks over 100 times near those epicenters. Some of my friends in Tokyo told me that it's not easy to get a good sleep because of frequent quakes.

In addition to Tohoku area, there are big quakes in northern Nagano, which I put as a small blue square on the map. The first big one was recorded magnitude 6.2. The experts in geology said that plates are different in both Tohoku and Nagano areas.
We have no idea what is going on in the movement of the plate underground and some say they influence each other.

And now, we have another fear.
A big quake hit Shizuoka. The supply of electricity was shut down near Shizuoka.
I dropped a pin on the map to grasp the location.
As you see from this map, Shizuoka is also apart from Tohoku area.
Although we don't have enough data on the quake in Shizuoka at this point, this is not ordinary at all.
Anyways, I think this is a very rare case that we have earthquakes in this broad area.

Also, I embedded a video clip which helps you understand the quake sites from March 11th to 14th.

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