Current Situation in Japan

First, I started writing this blog because I want many people to know the fact we are facing now in Japan.
I've thought what I can do in this terrible situation, and this is the thing I can do now: providing information and my ideas to people abroad as a resident of Japan.
I'm not sure how much I can give an impact to the society from my act, but I decided that I'm going to do what I think is good to people in Japan. I even think this is my responsibility to let people know the fresh news inside from Japan because I experienced the study abroad in US and I have friends there, who can also tell their friends this situation.

As many of you know, we are now experiencing really a bad time.
Lots of people were killed by huge quakes and tsunamis. Although the official report tells us that about a thousand people were killed so far, it is estimated that the total number will be over 10,000.
There are villages which were under water and is a village which disappeared about 10,000 people of 17,000 population.
There are still so many people waiting for their family at places of refuge, staying in buildings still not found with fears, and feeling anxious about the shortage of food and water.
We have now a big worries which is about nuclear plants in Fukushima. The government and the electric company are now trying to

This is definitely the worst accident I've ever experienced. I didn't think the earthquake brought us such a huge damage when I felt the quake at first on last Friday.

Fortunately, my family are all safe. My mom was working at an industrial area in Ichihara where the gas tank exploded. I was so shocked to see the news and tried to contact her many times. She escaped with her coworkers and got back home 4 hours after the first quake.
I was so happy when I heard from her and realized how irreplaceable they are.

I could contact all of my friends living in northern Japan. They lost communications after the quake, but they replied to my text 1 day after it happened.
They say the electricity has been cut off and hard to get information on this quake. Only their reliable source is radio now.

What we can do now is very limited at this point.
I went to Red Cross in my city yesterday and donated money online.
I thought that is at least what I can do for them now.

However, I'm very moved by that many of my friends are concerned about me and Japan.
They gave me a lot of heartwarming messages.
Many countries around the world are providing their support for Japan.
All people in Japan are really thankful for those support.
Anything you do for Japan is very helpful.

Thank you so much for all your concern.

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