Economy After the Quake

A chart below shows the transition of Japan's Nikkei Stock Price from March 10th to 16th.

As you can see, the market dropped about 1,500 Yen (15%) in the last 4 days.

The earthquake affected not only Japaese economy, but also the world economy.

These below are the market transitions of N.Y. Dow and Shanghai.
Both recorded a big drop of shares.

Get the story back to the Japanese economy, the economy actually recorded the highest GDP grow rate, 3.9%, among G7 on March 10th.
Therefore, it was a big news for us on that day, but we all didn't know what would happen the next day...

Although some analysts mentioned that the recovery from a long depression since Lehman Shock was only for a short term, it is true that Japanese economy was on the right track.

However, the devastating earthquake changed literally everything.
The infrastructure was destroyed and the society is filled with confusions.

I know that the consumption is a good conduct to contribute to the society, especially in this situation.  However, I even think that I don't want to get back my life I used to have when I think of the victims.

I think I now can understand how people in US felt after 9.11.
I don't force myself to pretend to be normal now, but I wish I can be sometime in the future.

I wrote only the dark side of the Japanese economy, but there is also a good news on that.
You can know from the chart in the top, and stock prices of Nikkei stopped dropping and showed a rise today.
People estimate that the economy will grow again in the long term. This is because the construction industry will get active and also domestic demand will push the economy up eventually.

I hope I can post more good news which is able to encourage us than the bad news.

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