Time goes by and we have to take a step forward.

Yesterday was the seventh day after the first earthquake.
It was actually hard for me to realize that a week had already passed. This is because the impact the quake gave us was just too severe.
The last 8 days was one of the most painful time in my 23 years of life.

It was fortunate that the quake didn't hit my place. I felt only one small shock and I found out later it was the one caused the huge damage to northern Japan. At that time, however, I never thought the quake would cause the huge troubles and tsunamis.

I have seen lots of news which tell us a terrible situation in stricken areas.
And here, I have written this blog to get people's attention on this disaster from abroad.
The reason I started the blog was not to appeal for any help or fund-raising. I just wanted people to know this bad situation happening in Japan. I am just glad if some of you donate money or even address our situation to your friends.
I now want to thank you all visiting and telling friends this blog. I found out that most of you knew my blog through your friends and some are from me directly.
It is a good action to even think of people suffering in Japan, and I appreciate your attention.

Get the story back, and I actually feel like I have had a big hole in my heart since the earthquake. I heard many people got dispiritted after 9.11 in US. I think I have the similar feelings now.
Therefore, I feel the time passed so fast. It seems like it was only 3 or 4 days ago, but already a week.
We get more information as time goes by. The identified dead people were counted over 7,000 and still missing about 10,000 as of today. Also, the number of people who lost their house is countless.
It is very sad to accept those numbers, but we have to do it to step forward.

Lastly, I want to pick up a positive topic here.
We are a little dispritted by this situation, but people at stricken areas are really strong.
They are short of necessities such as water, food, gas, medicine and blankets. They are not sure whether they will be able to survive in this severe situation.
However, we often hear they help and respect each other. They cooperate and try to overcome the situation. They share one cold rice ball with others, but they never complain about that. Nurse who lost her parents by this quake is now working for many other old people.

Whenever I get those news, I am very proud of them and I feel happy to be Japanese.
I do hope we can get back a peaceful life again soon.

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