New Project "Smile Challenge"

I started a new project "Smile Challenge" with two of my friends yesterday.
In this project, we are aiming to give books, especially comics, to children living at places of refugee.

I have actually wanted to do something helpful for people who are suffering from this disaster.
I was really grieved at heart by hearing news on people who lost their houses, property, and family. In the first week after the quake, I literally couldn't do anything and I felt a big hole in my heart.

Now, necessities, such as food and water, are brought for the people by a lot of efforts from many people. There are still some areas at which people don't have enough food and water, but people are doing their best to deliver those necessities.

So, many people are now paying attention to physical stuff such as food and water. I now think they are very important but also stuff which make people's life better mentally is also needed.
Still people experience lots of aftershocks and spend sleepless night. I don't want people to feel much stress in that severe situation, especially children. This is because it is children that shoulder the future of Japan.
I want them to release the stress they have and get their life back as well.

That is the background of the story why I started a project which deliver books to children.
Our current goal is to collect 1,000 comics. This is not easy to fulfill this goal without getting support from many people.
Just one day have passed since we launched the Smile Challenge project, and now we already collected 113 comics from our friends.
We are now expanding to get support from more people. We have told to our friends and hope they tell also their friends and family. We just hope some of those people get involved in this project and give us a support.

The important point here is we encourage people to write the message by their hand when we receive their books. We will hand the messages to people at the refuges.
Moreover, we keep posting photos and blog entries about the state of our activity. We will report how the situation near the epicenter is and people there on our website when we visit there.
The website is here -> Smile Challenge

By doing these, I believe we can make this project as a two-way communication activity. Not only those who got support, but also those who provided support will have very positive feelings.

We're going to visit Ishinomaki-City, Miyagi, on April 9th and 10th. By then, we will try to get books and messages as much as we can.

Most of you visiting this blog are living abroad, I think. So, you cannot provide books and write messages to those people even if you want to.

Now, I suggest you to send us a message by email. We will write down your message on a letter by our hand instead of you and put also a translate in Japanese.
The email address is here: smilechallenge0409@gmail.com
This is an official email address of our project. So, you can feel free to send us messages, but please send a short one because it's tough for us to write down long sentences. haha
Just a short one please. :)

Hope many of you send a message to people who suffer from this tragedy through our project. They will realize people are thinking of them from the world.

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